Ohio's Strongest

4th Annual Ohio's Strongest

Ohio's Strongest brought to you by Project Ed Bear is a USS Sanctioned Strongman Competition hosted by Iron Fit Crew. Each year, dozens of strength athletes flood the Youngstown area for a chance to qualify for USS Nationals, as well as support a great cause. This year, athletes have a chance to not only qualify for Nationals, but fight for a spot in the Professional Strongman League (PSL) and set a USS Record in MAX 18" Deadlift!


Ohio's Strongest has partnered with the PSL team to offer RECORDS FOR NORA. This event invites athletes around the globe to try their hand at setting a new World Record across various events.


We cannot BELIEVE the response we have gotten from you all. Truly, we are humbled, ecstatic, overwhelmed, and PUMPED. We CAN'T WAIT to see you all in August when we put on the biggest, strongest, craziest day the Valley has ever seen just in honor of Nora.

Ohio's has always been a larger show, however, this iteration is set to be one of the largest amateur shows in the COUNTRY! You do NOT want to miss your chance to be in this show. And if you do? Still make sure you plan on being in town!

Missed your chance the first go around? No worries! We all know, things happen. Fill out our Wait List Form and be notified when a spot opens!


World Records Being Attempted at Clash for Nora

Where is it?

Iron Fit Crew Gym

Getting back to our roots! Spring Street is about to have the STRONGEST block party it has ever seen! We will have the road closed down so we can have as many people come out and support the day as possible. The address of the gym is 629 Spring St, Struthers, OH 44471. We will have weigh-ins at the same location the day before! Stay tuned for more details.

Our team

Who is the beneficiary?

Each year, Ohio’s Strongest chooses a benefactor who exemplifies the strength, determination, and will we all aim to achieve when we compete, train, and throughout life. This year, our benefactor and warrior is Nora.

Nora was 9 years old and on her third battle against neuroblastoma. Nora had been in and out of hospitals receiving treatments and doing everything she can to battle against her illness. No one should have to battle cancer, let alone do it three times. Nora had shown strength, courage, spirit that we all wish to emulate during our lives. Sadly, on April 30th, Nora laid down her shield. Help us do anything and everything we can for Nora's family during these trying times.

The Sabella family needs our help. Together, we can all be WARRIORS like Nora. Let's do all we can to help this great family!

For more information, send well-wishes, and keep up with Nora, join the Nora - Warrior Princess page on Facebook.

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